In search of the perfect wine

Our mission is to create high-quality wines in a natural way and with traditional methods of cultivation, without any unnecessary chemicals. Our efforts in this respect start right in the vineyard, with correct attention to planting, pruning, care and harvesting, before delivering their results in the winery and cellar.

Son Mayol takes full advantage of its favoured valley location and almost 60 acres of vineyards, spread over 35 locations. Exposure to all four points of the compass ensures a varying microclimate of sunshine, wind and rain; all of which contribute to the quality of the soil. This results in totally different wines – even with the same varieties of grape.

In our modern winery we vinify the grapes from different terroirs one by one (primary and malolactic fermentation and ageing in barrels. It is only during the final blending of the lots, after maturing for two years in one to two year old oak barrels that we decide which terroirs will be used for which wines.

This enables us to produce quality wines suitable for further ageing and which improve over the years.

Really good wine requires lots of love, patience and experience. The wines from Son Mayol are processed with pride in a natural way, and are our own preferred choice.

Fine wines for special occasions

Son Mayol supplies two storable red wines:


They are both blends of grape varieties from Bordeaux, mainly Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and Petit Verdot, blended on a model of the blends of Bordeaux.

These two top-quality wines are distinguished by the type of vinification used and by the ageing process in the barrel. The grapes from the different vines are vinified separately and then used in one of the two wines.

This assignment is determined by the length of fermentation, the age of the barrels and thus the duration and type of maturing in barrels.

Unconvincing grapes or wines which are not used by Son Mayol are sold on to other producers.

As the wines of Son Mayol are often drunk on special occasions, a good part of our production is marketed in Magnum and double Magnum bottles.


Son Mayol benefits from roughly thirty five “Terroirs” and therefore from a combination of a lot of different influences: differences in the soil clays, limestones, sands, lemons, all possible orientations, south/north/east/west with most of the vineyards being located on slopes, and different varieties.

GRAND VIN SON MAYOL is a classic wine with a noble, full-bodied character.

PREMIER VIN SON MAYOL is meanwhile a wine characterised by its attractive fruitiness and lower tannin content, making it a modern classic for those who prefer lighter wines.


The 2019 vintage has been shaped by the fact that it was a warm year, yet at the same time one of the most contrast-rich years of recent times.

In regard to temperatures, the minimum values in winter (January and February) and at the beginning of the vegetation cycle (March to May) were lower than average, while the maximum values in summer and autumn were higher. In July and August, there was a significant increase in tropical nights.

As regards precipitation, the year was drier (415 l/m2 from 500 l/m2) with less rain between January and September, but with some heavy rainfall that was concentrated in October and December. There was also quite a bit of snowfall at the beginning of the winter, as well as strong, stormy winds of up to 160 km/h. Ultimately, 2019 was also a windy year, with 75 windy days compared with 41 in normal years.

The consequence of all this in our Son Mayol Vineyard was late sprouting of the vines, with fast growth and outstanding conditions during the flowering and maturing stages. Maturing took place somewhat later than usual for our Merlot grapes (start of the grape harvest 26 August) and also for our Cabernet grapes (19 September). The health status of the vines was excellent and the wines displayed a good natural balance between acidity and tannin structure, resulting in wines with an outstanding degree of freshness and a delicate bouquet.

2019 Grand Vin Son Mayol

For this vintage, the Grand Vin de Son Mayol consists of a mix of 75% Cabernet, 15% Merlot and 15% Petit Verdot. It is above all a fresher and finer version, a wonderful combination of Cabernet, which brings its structure and its framework, and Merlot with its finesse, elegance and fruitiness. The wine has a beautiful ruby red colour with highlights of deep red. The nose of the wine is shaped by a multitude of aromas. It is very multi-faceted. It is elegant. It creates both a flowery expression and one of candied fruits, figs, cedar aromas, liquorice and dark chocolate. The whole picture is completed by nuances of aniseed and a fine tannin structure which brings together minerality, finesse and a characteristic power.

2019 Premier Vin Son Mayol

For this vintage, the Premier Vin de Son Mayol has been made from a 60%/40% blend of Merlot and Cabernet. The wine has a powerful red colour with highlights of violet. The nose of the wine is flowery and fruity, with notes that will remind you of violets, blackberries, herbs and even a touch of orange blossom. On the palate, the wine makes a candid and clear entrance with fruity notes of vanilla. A wine to enjoy, well-balanced and easy to drink and to understand.

2018 Grand Vin

The Grand Vin 2021 contains around 85% Cabernet und 15% Merlot.

The wine is highly concentrated and has a dark ruby sheen. Comprised from a variety of different aromas, the nose of this wine has notes of fresh red fruits from the Merlot but also riper dark fruits like red current and blackberry, blended with toasted and chocolaty aromas from the barrel-ageing. It has a robust palate with elegant and long-lasting tannins that linger in your mouth, supported by an acidity that is worthy of any great vintage.

2017 Grand vin

A vintage in vogue!!
Ideal for fruity Cabernets!!

The Grand Vin 2017 contains about 85% Cabernet and 15% Merlot.

Highly concentrated, this wine appears more reserved and austere, albeit with good aeration; the roasted aromas mixed with delicious black fruit also start to become apparent.

This delayed expression of flavours, associated with the firm (but not astringent) tannins, results in one of the best vins de garde, which can potentially be stored for a very long time, since it meets all the criteria for ageing in bottle.

2016 Grand vin

The Grand Vin 2016 by Son Mayol reaps the benefits of a special selection process at the vineyard itself: Only perfectly ripened grapes are used, resulting in a wine that is rich in extracts. This red wine has a purple sheen, while its taste is dominated by tobacco and dark fruit, as well as a high degree of minerality. The roasted flavours generated by the ageing process in oak barrels are very well incorporated into the wine, giving it added complexity.

On the palate, the wine is intense and very tannic, but also fine and elegant. It has a long finish, and is distinguished by its great freshness, as well as its potency. It is also ideal for extended storage.

2015 Grand vin

Intense purple colour. The bouquet is reserved, elegant, hints of wood are in harmony with fruits such as blackberry, with a touch of chocolate. On the palate, potent with strong but full and elegant tannins, well balanced and mineral flavour. Very good aging potential, this wine is composed of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon for strength and elegance and 30% Merlot for fullness.

2014 Grand vin

Dark ruby colour with purple reflections. Somewhat closed at the first bouquet, the wine then unfolds on a hint of wood, ripe black cherries, orange peel and a touch of mineral. On the palate, the wine has a robust body with all integrated tannins, minerals and hints of black fruits. Smooth and pleasant, the palate is energetic and is overall very well balanced. A long-keeping wine. The varietal proportions of this wine are 40% Merlot and 60% Cabernet Sauvignon.

2018 Premier Vin

The Premier Vin 2018: this vintage Premier Vin de Son Mayol benefits from a mix of around 50% Merlot and 50% Cabernet.

The Premier Vin 2018 is an extremely delicate wine with a nose of red berries, raspberries and cherries, blended with aromas of vanilla to create an odour that hints at the subtlety of this wine even before it hits your palate. On the palate, the wine gets off to a very silky and full-bodied start, followed by a perfect balance of silky and round tannins… the wine ends with a freshness typical of our terroir and notes of fresh fruits.

2017 Premier vin

Premier Vin 2017: For this vintage, Son Mayol’s Premier Vin has a larger Cabernet component than usual at 40%, with the remaining 60% being Merlot.

The ready-to-drink Premier Vin 2017 exhibits its youth in all its fruity splendour, though it is also more than capable of ageing… This 2017 is very expressive and packed full of sunny style!! The black currant and blackberries of the Cabernet are the first of its aromas, followed by notes of vanilla and pepper. The wine is initially silky, almost sugary, before developing a round and silky fullness, and ending with the fruity notes of its nose.

2016 Premier vin

The Premier Vin 2016 is the hallmark of its primary grape variety, the Merlot. It has a well-rounded, velvety and fruity nose. The Cabernet grapes add a solid texture, meaning it can keep extraordinarily well over time and in your wine cellar.

Its taste is distinguished by new red fruit, harmoniously enhanced by vanilla and roasted notes. On the palate, it reveals its full body with silky tannins. It is the perfect choice for when you want to enjoy a light, fruity, modern wine with friends.

2015 Premier vin

Dark ruby colour with purple reflections. The bouquet is very expressive with hints of sunshine, ripe fruits such as cassis, berries with touches of vanilla. The bouquet has an ample and full approach, the tannins are elegant and fine, subtle. The final leaves a taste of black fruit on the palate. Good aging potential. It’s a modern style wine, light and pleasant to drink on all occasions. The blend consists of 65% Merlot, making it fruity and full, and 35% Cabernet Sauvignon giving it finesse and elegance.

2014 Premier vin

Dark ruby colour with purple reflections. The bouquet is intense with hints of black fruits, candied orange peel, a touch of cassis and tobacco. On the palate, the body is elegant with fine tannins, a pleasantly integrated acidity, a finish with ripe fruit. The style is very elegant and persistent. The proportions of grape varieties of this wine are 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Rosé

The rosé comes from Merlot grapes from our best parcels of land and from an extraction of the GRAND VIN. The result is a rosé of great elegance but only in small quantities. Although our main focus lies in the production of red wines, we also enjoy creating a niche product of such high quality.

After the grapes have been carefully harvested by hand, they receive the best care we can give them. This starts with the royal pale pink colour, like the best rosés from Provence, by which the connoisseur can easily recognise the fresh and fruity wine. The lovingly supervised vinification process takes place in wooden barrels without allowing too strong tannins to develop.

This vegan wine is suitable for light meals or – thanks to its wonderful freshness – is pleasant to drink as an aperitif in a convivial atmosphere. The influence of the Mediterranean sun and the Mediterranean Sea comes into its own in a very natural way

As rosé wines don't need to be matured in the bottle, we have given our rosé an environmentally friendly Vinolok glass closure (100% recyclable) which retains the aromas and freshness of the wine. This practical closure also allows an opened bottle to be resealed securely and kept in a cool place.

As the diameter of the closure is the same as the one used for our red wines, the closure can also be used for opened bottles of red wine (please cool well).

White wine

Vin Blanc Son Mayol is an aromatic and elegant white wine from the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains of Mallorca, Spain.

It has a low acidity and very clear fruity notes.

Due to the different locations where the grapes are grown, it has “light-footed”,elegant, but aromatically intense and persistent, ripe fruity flavours and mineral hints.

Produced in very small quantities, this wine is ideal to drink in the company of family and friends who enjoy the southern European lifestyle and Mediterranean food.

The winemakers of Son Mayol

Patrick Léon

Patrick Léon (1943 - 2018)

Patrick is a legendary winemaker and has advised or managed many important wineries in his home region of Bordeaux and all over the world (Château Mouton Rothschild 20 years as technical director). His most recent baby was the Bodega Son Mayol, and soon after completing the 2018 vintage, he suddenly left us. We miss him very much!

He planned and carried out the grape planting, the wine-cellar extension, the wine ageing, and the staff training. Most of what the Bodega Son Mayol is today with its top-class wines is thanks to Patrick’s great knowledge, tireless dedication and deep love of winemaking.

We will always have good memories of him, and are grateful to him for the positive co-operation, the friendship filled with laughter and the fantastic project he created here!

Marie Barbé

Marie Barbé

After six years as Technical Director, working in close collaboration with Patrick Léon, Marie has decided for personal reasons to move back to France. We cannot thank her enough for her outstanding work in developing our brand over the course of these early years – she has played a major role in shaping Bodega Son Mayol. Together with Bertrand, she will continue to provide us with support in the role of a consultant, thereby helping us to ensure continuity.

She grew up in Bordeaux, where she completed her studies in oenology and wine estate management, and she has a huge amount of experience.

Thanks to the many years she has spent working together closely with Patrick und Bertrand, they make up a well-established team and ensure that our plantings and the work of our wine cellars use the most advanced technology and employ the methods of top-class French winemaking.


Cristina Madrid Marquina

As Technical Director, Cristina is responsible for personnel and oversees the entire workflow, from planting through to the finished wines, ensuring implementation of the highest quality standards on a daily basis.

She grew up in La Mancha, where she completed her studies in oenology and wine estate management, and she has extensive experience. She has worked on wine estates across the whole of Spain and is very familiar with the climate in the south.

Thanks to her great working relationship with Marie and Bertrand, they now make up a well-established team and will ensure that our plantings and the work of our wine cellars use the most advanced technology and employ the methods of top-class French winemaking.

Bertrand Léon

Bertrand Léon

Bertrand Léon has taken over the reins of his father Patrick as consultant of the Bodega Son Mayol, ensuring Patrick’s work can continue.

He completed all his training in oenology and winery management in Bordeaux, working with his father even as a young student. Since 2011, he has been the technical director of the famous Chateau d’Esclans, and also runs the Chateau Les Troix Crois family business.

He knows Bodega Son Mayol and its staff very well and is helping to ensure continuity in terms of style, expression and the high quality of our wines. Just like his father, he only accepts wines that are of the very highest quality. We are very happy to be working with Bertrand with our goal of continuing to produce top-class wines.

The Bodega Son Mayol was completed and inaugurated and began operating at the beginning of 2016. Housed in facilities designed by the renowned Spanish architect Javier Campos, the winery – with its cutting-edge, eco-friendly technology – has been designed to blend in harmoniously with the landscape of Majorca’s Tramuntana hills.

Thanks to the gravitation principle, the grapes drop directly into the fermentation vats and then into the barrels without the use of pumps. It is for this reason that the facility is built on three storeys, corresponding to the different stages of the top-to-bottom process. The latest methods and technology are used to process, mature and bottle our wines, and the Bodega naturally meets the latest environmental requirements.

Solar panels on the roof generate 100,000 KWh of energy per year (i.e. roughly enough to power 34 individual households), thereby more than covering the total requirement of our facilities. Excess energy is fed back into the power grid. Heat pumps are used to equalise temperatures and the facility’s grey-water output is cleaned and recycled.

The building is so attractive and its location and views so unique, that we are able to rent out the reception rooms of the Bodega (300 m²/3,230 sq. ft., plus 1200 m²/12,900 sq. ft. of terrace) in spring, summer and winter for functions and celebrations (autumn is harvest time) and the Bodega can be visited during this period.

The art of wine

The labels of our GRAND VIN SON MAYOL portray the works of talented artists. Once the wine from a particular year is ready for sale, the artists exhibit their work in the Bodega.

2019 Santiago Picatoste

The label of the GRAND VIN 2019 bears the work "Imagine" by artist Santiage Picatoste(@santiago_picatoste)

2018 Dan Eidenbenz

A tribute to the wine legend Patrick Léon who created and developed Son Mayol. Drawn by Dan Eidenbenz, an artist from Lichtenstein who lives and works in Zurich.

Merken MerkenMerkenMerken Merken Merken
2017 Joan Costa

The label of the GRAND VIN 2017 features of a work from the series "Imaginaciones" by the artist Joan Costa.

Merken MerkenMerkenMerken Merken Merken
2016 Rafa Forteza

The label of the GRAND VIN 2016 features of the piece Waiting Dreams by artist Rafa Forteza (

Merken MerkenMerkenMerken Merken Merken
2015 Ramón Canet

For the GRAND VIN 2015 label, the artist Ramón Canet ( has created the 70x100cm vinyl on paper „Untitled“ 2017 painting.

Merken MerkenMerkenMerken Merken Merken
2014 Francesca Marti

Francesca Marti has supplied a piece from her “Senses and Movements” series of paintings for the label of our GRAND VIN 2014. It is associated with a major video installation, which can be viewed by clicking here.

Merken MerkenMerkenMerken Merken Merken

An equally exceptional olive oil

Any vineyard worth its salt can also produce top-quality olive oil. This is due to the fact that hill terraces that are too narrow for vines can be used to grow olive trees.

This is a centuries-old tradition in Majorca, and Son Mayol duly possesses more than two thousand olive trees, a good number of which are more than a hundred years old.

Just as we do with our wines, we do not limit ourselves to a single type of olive, but rather rely on a blend of three varieties.

We also apply the same natural and careful production techniques as we do with our fine wines.

We naturally market only oil from the first cold pressing and sell the olive residue on to other producers. The result is an olive oil of the very highest quality, with a smooth elegance, a hint of sharpness and attractive tones of green that make it ideal for serving with salad, fish or cheese and even dripped onto bread.

Since when did cattle drink red wine and olive oil?

Son Mayol started off as a farm dedicated to the natural rearing of Aberdeen Angus cattle and as a producer of top-quality meat based on environmentally sustainable breeding and proper care of livestock. Our cattle naturally drink neither of the above products, but their presence nevertheless does our vines and olive trees a power of good.

They are fed on the abundant cereals, almonds and carob beans that we likewise produce on our own farm.

Whether it be environmentally friendly cattle farming or wine-growing, our focus is always on working within nature’s natural framework – not against it.

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